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Help Request

Here we will try to answer the most common questions we get about our new website and the new Fleet System.

The Integrated Fleet System (IFS) version 2 is a new method of combining all the aspects of managing a simming and gaming fleet. It is a community hub with news, forums, and discussion groups. But it is also a repository for you as a member of OF, your characters, sims you are on, and roles you fulfill in the community. You can store custom database articles here for future reference, take courses in our academy, and submit and receive awards for all you do.

Not all of this many be functional as you read this, but the toolset is growing and we are excited to have this system in place. We will post updates frequently as things get added and fixed, such as this One Week On article.

The short answers is not really, but then why be a member of the community? We really strive to keep everyone engaged and aware of what is going on in the fleet. By joining you’ll get news and forum discussion alerts, and have access to contribute content as well.

Want to see what other Commanding Officers are doing on their sims? Head over to Sim Reports. Want to join in on a discussion? Check out our Forums. Care to see what kind of unique story elements OF had in its canon? Look over the Database contents. Don’t forget to join us on Discord for live chat as well.

There is so much to gain in a bigger community like Obsidian Fleet. Sign up and join in the fun!

  • Forums
  • Integrated mailing lists for Fleet Council, CO’s, and Academy Instructors
  • Wiki including ship specs
  • Task Force/Departmental pages
  • Awards Nominations
  • Monthly Reports
  • News Submissions
  • Manifests
  • Character History
  • Open Positions
  • Stats on any of the above

As a CO and Fleet Council staff, you will have this ability. But if you are not in one of those roles, you’ll need to do two things to get into this area of the community.

  1. Take the short, self-paced Academy course: Database and News Editing
  2. Submit a Help Request once you’ve passed that course letting us know you need to be added to the right groups.

Stay tuned for more documentation on this area!


Help Request